FREESMOKER is a Dutch initiative that is supported by the Dutch Foundation ‘Vrij van Roken’. This foundation has the following objectives;

1. The foundation aims to promote and participate in scientific research and projects to help smokers in a friendly manner, without fear or social isolation to help and advise them to quit smoking.

2.The Foundation Vrij van Roken pursues this goal providing intangible and material support to institutions and companies that develop initiatives and projects both nationally and internationally in this area

What is Freesmoker?

FREESMOKER is available in several countries.

All results of FREESMOKERS are monitored and analysed by scientists to improve the support and advice to participants

The knowledge is shared with other researchers worldwide. The e-cigarette could be a major breakthrough in the fight against smoking tobacco.

Why does Freesmoker do research?

FREE SMOKING believes that the e-cigarette provides a unique opportunity to quit smoking successfully , provided careful guidance is given and the materials (liquids, evaporators and batteries, etc.) are selected critically . To do this FREE SMOKING consulted medical, psychological-and addiction specialists and compiled a support program in which all results and experiences and carefully registred. In addition there is a set of carefully e-assembled e-cigarettes and liquids.

With this goal in mind, researchers have developed digital questionnaires to to survey the habits and the nicotine dependence of the smoker. Ongoing insight based on these data are included in the advices so that the guidance can be optimized during the program. Hereby increasing the chances of successfully quitting smoking increases significantly.

FREE SMOKING is to our knowledge the first global initiative that with systematic  survey and support and the e-cigarette can give a new impulse to help smokers to quit smoking tobacco forever.


Recently FREE SMOKING also entered into a partnership with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Prof. Dr. D.Wismeijer, working at the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), is investigating the effects of liquid and vapor of e-cigarettes on the gums and compares it with the effects of regular cigarettes.