Due to the huge popularity of e-cigarettes over the last few years, a vast arrange of products have appeared worldwide. To begin with products were expensive although soon becoming cheaper, but often of a very poor quality, not at all suitable as an alternative to the tobacco cigarette. Many smokers already have an e-cigarette in their possession but often stored away in some drawer. In recent years, tens of thousands of e-cigarettes users have simply stopped using them and reverted back to the conventional cigarette .Why? because their e-cigarette didn’t work properly, or the fluids were of poor quality, a frequently combined with inadequate information. Our policy is to use high quality materials with sensible information.

So even if your previous experience with the e-cigarette was a failure and you have returned to smoking tobacco, we firmly believe you need to give our program, and our products an opportunity to prove that the e-cigarette can give you a healthier life style with a realistic chance to give up smoking for good!

FREESMOKER charges only for the cost of the materials. No charge is made for the support, however we do ask your cooperation to occasionally fill in a short questionnaire so helping us to evaluate your progress and that of the program. FREESMOKER uses specially selected e-cigarettes and liquids that, in our opinion, are of the best quality currently available. An additional advantage for participants, is that the e-cigarettes and liquids are available at lower than normal retail prices.

The participant package includes:

– 2 USB ‘pass-through’ batteries 3,3V (650 mah or 1100 mah)
– 2 vaporizers/reservoirs-2 mouthpieces)
– 2 loose spare evaporators
– 2 long USB cables
– 1 car / caravan / boat charger 12-24 V
– 1 regular charger 220 V
– 10 ml of liquid
– Free remote support of a specialized team of doctors and psychologists

The price of the package with the standard (650 mAh) batteries is £ 62
The price of the package with the more powerful  (1100 mAh) batteries is £ 66

Prices include VAT but there are delivery costs

After payment your package will be posted to you. An email will also be sent containing your password enabling you to login onto your personal page. On this page you will find a questionnaire, once completed, it will give us information on the relevant factors associated with your smoking habit. Based on this data, we will give advice on which fluid to use and at what time. Questions to our experts can be sent using your internet personal page.

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