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  • My battery doesn't work

    The battery is activated by the same button as when you use it. The first time you have to activate it by pressing that button 5 times. It will light up blue. Now you can use the e-cigarette.

  • What are the exact substances in the liquid?

    Our liquids contain mainly besides a small dosage of nicotine Propylene glycol (approximately 68%) and Vegetal glycerin (approx.28%)and water (about 3%). Besides the nicotine these ingredients are considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) as harmless to public health and are used in the food industry on a large scale.

    In addition, the fluid contains a small dose of Nicotine, a highly addictive substance

  • How much can I smoke per day?

    Basically, you can smoke electronically as much as you want. Smoking our liquids is much less harmful than smoking tobacco. You should use the e-cigarette so much that you no longer have a need for a regular cigarette. Important is to not get an overdose on Nicotine . In reality this is almost impossible. We survey this by questions that are included in our questionnaires. The risk increases if you smoke regular cigarettes next to your e-cigarette

  • How long do batteries last?

    Batteries will usually last at least between 3 to 6 months, some even more than a year, depending on frequency of use and proper maintenance. Our program is based on three months and hopefully afterwards you will not be needing them anymore!

  • I get a dry/sour throat while smoking the e-cigarette!

    Everyone can react differently to different substances. At the start you might get a slightly dry or sour throat as a reaction to the temperature of the vapor and / or nicotine. Try to reduce the duration of inhalation so that the temperature of the evaporator will drop. As nicotine is concerned, during the program the dosage will be slowly reduced so that these complaints will disappear. If you have serious problems with your throat stop immediately using the e-cigarette and consult your GP/house doctor.

  • My battery is not charging anymore / the red indicator is off or flashes.

    At the back of the battery is the USB connexion where you charge the battery. While charging a red light indicator is illuminated. If it is not lit or irregular blinking, the connection between the plug and USB port is not good. This is often caused by dust and dirt in the USB connexion. This can be prevented by putting the protective cap for the USB connexion back on after re-charging.

  • My e-cigarette leaks

    This can be caused by several reasons. Often this is because if you carry the e- cigarette in the pocket of your trousers that might squeeze when you sit down or during physical exercise. As a result, the glass container can become loose. The same might happen with the mouthpiece. So make sure to not put your e-cigarette in the pocket of your pants. These type of defects will not be refunded.

  • My e-cigarette produces less vapour

    In the tank there is a small heater (see instruction video), a so-called Coil. This element can wear out or get dirty. If it does not work after proper cleaning you can replace it by the spare element that is included in your package.

  • I seem to get an allergic reaction when smoking my e-cigarette

    Rarely it may be that you have an allergic reaction to one or more ingredients of the liquid. If this gives you serious problems don’t hesitate to consult your physician. Even is you only have small complaints but they keep going on you should see your physician too. FREESMOKER only carries our own liquids and we do not have other ones to replace them.

  • My battery is broken

    When the top of the battery of your e-cigarette breaks, usually because your e-cigarette is in your pocket, the e-cigarette has become unusable. It is important to dispose it as soon as possible in chemical waste or special bins for batteries.
    In very rare cases a broken battery of an e-cigarette might cause a short circuit. This can give a fierce burst of flame that persists for some time. Immediately throw the burning battery in plenty of water or if this is not at hand throw it as far away as possible to a safe place for everybody around you. After the burning stopped pick it up safely and dispose it in a special bin for toxic waste. Never try to repair the battery yourself!

  • My charging plug gets warm or melted

    Our charging plugs resemble several other plugs like the ones for IPhone. However, they are not exactly the same. This can lead to overheated connectors but it can also destroy your batteries. So only use the supplied power adapter to charge your e-cigarette.

  • Sometimes my e-cigarette does not work

    If you use the e-cigarette too long or too much it might get obverheated. This can lead to the burning of the liquid. Therefore, there is a built-in protection that disables the battery to overheat. After a break of several minutes, the battery should be working again. Sometimes you must first press the button again 5 times like you did the first time.

  • It is said that smoking the e-cigarette is just as dangerous

    The liquid in an e-cigarette contains nicotine. Nicotine is not good for your health. At the other hand, compared to the regular cigarette the e-cigarette is some thousands times less dangerous to your health. Heavy smokers experience the difference this immediately. Less or no more coughing, less shortness of breath, feeling more energetic, etc.
    The smoke of a regular cigarette is created by burning tobacco and paper. In addition, thousands of toxic substances are generated are absorbed by inhalation into the body. In the e-cigarette, the liquid evaporates and the molecules thus remain the same as the original substance. Such as, for example, water vapour is still water. And besides the nicotine all our ingredients are in accordance with the WHO.
    The comments in some media about the e-cigarette being as harmful as a regular cigarette are oversimplified. If a smoker has the choice between smoking regular cigarettes or an e-cigarette they should opt for the e-cigarette. And as far as nicotine is concerned, this program is developed to end your addiction to nicotine and help you to stop smoking forever.

  • Why do you only supply one flavour?

    In the first place, the Dutch Foundation Vrij van Roken is not a trader in electronic cigarettes and liquids. Our liquid and e-cigarettes are mainly functional and the program is not created to make E-smoking to a new hobby. Every flavour will take some time to get used to and after a few days the taste makes no more difference.

    Governments are already banning some flavours as they think that these might help children to start vaping and finally start smoking tobacco.

    In case you do not like our liquid you are free to buy elsewhere as long as you stick to the level of nicotine as superscripted by our advisers.