There is much anxiety and even fear about the possible harmful substances in the various fluids used in electronic cigarettes. FREESMOKER examined several leading liquids and to be sure of the content we decided to compile our own liquids. Based on our program our specialists advised us to create a wider range of levels of nicotine to be able to fine-tune the gradual withdrawal from nicotine.

There are thousands of types of e-liquids in circulation, there are even people who make them themselves at home with all possible risks.

Our objective is to help our participants to get rid of the addiction without any problem.
We recommend what dose of nicotine to be used at what moment. FREESMOKER offers in this the program only tobacco flavor as menthol flavor is forbidden by European law starting January 2015.. There is a fear that a variety of flavors might create a new smoking culture.

Of course you are free to take other flavors as long as you stick to the prescribed dose of nicotine. For these products we refer to a reliable web shop where participants of FREESMOKER get 10% discount on all their products.

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