is a scientific research programme developed to help smokers stop smoking. It is not a web-shop for the normal purchase of e-cigarettes, liquids or materials associated with the e-cigarette. Freesmoker supply products exclusively to a limited group who participate in the research programme.


Gift card for companies

£ 52.00

Besides the unhealthy aspects of smoking tobacco your employee and thus your company is losing significantly productivity as your smoking staff goes to a special smoking area.
Supported by the program of FREESMOKER you as a manager can effectively do something to improve your staffs personal welfare but also the productivity of your companie.
We offer a special package for companies and monitor and support your staff individually. As an manager you can offer this unique program to your smoking employees.
If you also increase the number of e-smoking areas or even authorizes this on their workspot (there is no danger of passive smoking) you will thus give your employees a huge support to quit smoking tobacco. You will provide a healthy plan for your employees and time savings for your business. Initiated by the management and with our guidance, this will show a great chance of success.

How to proceed?

  • You offer your smoking employees the FREESMOKERS program
  • You add the number and names of your employees in your companies FREESMOKER account
  • You will receive a login code for each participant so the employee’s can login to his own page.
  • The employee logs in to his personal page, fills out the first intake form and chooses his / her package. All orders are automatically incorporated into your company account.
  • To encourage your employees also offer them the e-liquids as recommended for the duration (three months) of the program.