is a scientific research programme developed to help smokers stop smoking. It is not a web-shop for the normal purchase of e-cigarettes, liquids or materials associated with the e-cigarette. Freesmoker supply products exclusively to a limited group who participate in the research programme.


Gift card

£ 52.00

An original and healthy idea!
What a unique present to offer this program as a gift to a family member or a close friend that smoke?
With this gift you may just give them the necessary encouragement, (that very often difficult first step), to change their smoking habit for the better, better for them and their friends and family.
Our recommendations are not binding and if they decide not to follow our program, then they at least will have had the best introduction to the electric cigarette. It is far better than smoking regular cigarettes!
Complete the information below to order a gift card. The gift certificate contains a code that allows them to sign in. Once they sign in they will then receive their first package. You are helping someone in a positive and friendly way to reduce their harmful intake of tobacco, perhaps stopping smoking altogether.
Order your gift voucher here!
£ 52.00