This is how FREESMOKER works:

  • After your subscription and payment you will receive an email with your password giving you direct access to your personal page containing details of your personal plan and progress
  • The FREESMOKER package contains our carefully selected e-cigarettes and liquids. The e-liquid contains the exact dose of nicotine that has been prescribed by our specialists to comfortably ease you off cigarettes. Your first delivery of e-liquid is free..
  • Once your package arrives you are ready to start. Activate your program by clicking on the START button on your personal page.
  • Our team will monitor the information and questionnaires you send us and where necessary adjustments will be made to your program and support provided. The further levels of nicotine will be determined by the information from you.
  • Orders of FREESMOKER e-liquids are made through our website, usually on a monthly basis, until you reach the final phase of your program when you’ll be smoking nicotine free without even noticing it!
  • FREESMOKER has developed its own unique e-liquids with variably amounts of nicotine
  • After completing the FREESMOKER program and having successfully quit smoking we will keep in touch. We welcome your questions and comments at any time, both during and after your program.
We help you to stop smoking!