You made an important step to quit smoking in an effortless and pleasant way!
First select the set that you want to receive; the set with the heavier or lighter batteries. The lighter battery is about 2 cm shorter. Please complete the questionnaire so the amount of nicotine you need to start with can be calculated. You will also need to choose the flavour of the liquid.

The liquid (10ml) supplied in the first package is free, further supplies of liquids are not included in the set price. Advice will be sent to you regarding re-ordering with information on which liquid (the amount of nicotine) you should use.

Finally, you can now register, create your username, password, and make any necessary payments.
IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to activate your program on the exact moment that you start using the e-cigarette. This starting point is essential to the program!
We wish you all the best and from the first moment on enjoy your new freedom through the e-cigarette!

Register your account and take the test!
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