Almost all smokers want to stop, unfortunately, the majority don’t succeed. There are more complex factors involved, not just addiction to nicotine, which make it extremely difficult for many to stop smoking. With the right help, guidance and materials, Freesmoker is confident that giving up normal cigarettes can be made easy….. The e-cigarette is probably the best way to stop smoking tobacco which is a serious risk to your health.

Despite much political scepticism and general ignorance of the e-cigarette, it has already far exceeded the meagre results of nicotine patches, medications and expensive anti-smoking campaigns.

The e-cigarette has almost immediate benefits, the smokers cough disappears, a first step to feeling better! Another noticeable benefit is the absence of the stale smell of cigarettes in the house, car and on your clothes. The e-cigarette has become more acceptable and so there are more places available for the e-smoker to smoke often without leaving friends or the workplace. A very welcome benefit from completely giving up smoking is the money saved; two heavy smokers in one household can spend more money on cigarettes than on rent!

“…… even smokers who have failed in previous attempts to stop smoking using an e-cigarette, have succeeded with Freesmoker!”

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