The e-cigarette has been opposed, often without the support of proper research or investigation. The e-cigarette has considerable advantages to the normal cigarette, especially in health. along with many scientists, see the use of e-cigarettes as the best method of reducing the dependence on nicotine and the easiest path to giving up smoking for good.

Unguided use of the e-cigarette and liquids can lead to an overdose of nicotine resulting in the opposite of the desired outcome. Additionally, an equally dangerous problem is that some of the coils (‘heather’) become overheated causing the liquid to burn instead of vaporising, changing the harmless liquids into toxic substances.

Through experience, Freesmoker is aware of the setbacks and how to resolve them. From the beginning of the programme your dependence on nicotine will be carefully monitored. This vital information is used to improve our support and advice to our participants.

……“With proper guidance, using the right materials and with knowledgeable support, the e-cigarette can make giving up smoking an easy and stress less process!”